Bunion Pain Treatment

Bunions normally present as bumps or a swelling on the side or top of the big toe joint. People of all ages can develop bunions. Please give one of our friendly podiatrists a call. They will be happy to help!

Hallux Treatment

The main role of the hallux is to help the body push off and forward when you are walking. It is a common area of the foot to develop pain and discomfort. If you want to know more about how to fix this foot pain pain or any aspect of treatment for foot pain, please give us a call.

Plantar Fasciitis – Arch Pain – Heel Pain Treatment

Pain and stiffness in the arch or the bottom of the heel, especially after periods of rest or first thing in the morning, may indicate that you have plantar fasciitis.  Our team of podiatrists can work out why you have this pain and assist you with ways of resolving it.  Please give our friendly admin team a call to arrange an appointment at Scarborough Podiatry

Morton’s Neuroma Treatment

A Morton’s neuroma usually presents as a “burning” or “sharp” pain, commonly in the area of the ball of the foot. A Morton’s neuroma exists when the nerve(s) that run between the metatarsal bones in your foot (at the bases of the toes) becomes irritated and swollen (inflamed).

Orthotic Treatment

Orthotics are insoles that sit in your shoes to help correct the alignment of the lower limb as well as reduce pressure areas from the soles of the feet. They help to improve foot function when walking, running and standing. Custom orthotics are a pair of orthotics that are molded and prescribed exactly to your feet.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Plantar warts (also known as verucca/verrucaes) are benign skin lesions that are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They are the same as the warts that you can get on the other areas of your body, except these ones are on your feet. They can present as a single lesion or in clusters.

Choosing a Good Shoe

Footwear can both relieve AND cause problems. Their role is to protect and support our feet. It is important that shoes fit correctly and feel comfortable for your daily activities

Ingrown Nails

Severe or recurrent ingrown toenails can be treated with a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be performed by the Podiatrists at Scarborough Podiatry.

Tough Nails

Thick toenails may often be tough and difficult to cut yourself. This can be a common and normal part of aging or may be due to fungal nail infections or as a result of trauma.

Corn and Callus Treatment

Corns and calluses are areas of dead, hard and toughened skin which can cause a great deal of discomfort and pain. This pain is a result of increased to pressure on the underlying healthy skin, deeper tissues (dermis) and nerves.


Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Pain in the Achilles tendon or pain in the back of the heel may be a condition referred to as Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendinopathy. This tendon runs from the calf muscles into the back of your heel bone. Please give one of our friendly podiatrists a call. They will be happy to help!

Knee Pain Treatment

We often work with your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor if difficult cases of knee pain. If you want to know more about how to fix knee pain or any aspect of treatment for knee pain, please give us a call.

Shin Pain Treatment

Shin splints is a term used to describe pain along the shin bone (Tibia). They are a common sporting injury. Symptoms can include: sharp pain, aching and/or slight swelling along the shin. Pain generally worsens with increased duration or intensity of running or jumping activities. Pain generally subsides after exercise ceases.