Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Pain in the Achilles tendon or pain in the back of the heel may be a condition referred to as Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendinopathy. This tendon runs from the calf muscles into the back of your heel bone. Please give one of our friendly podiatrists a call. They will be happy to help!

Knee Pain Treatment

We often work with your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor if difficult cases of knee pain. If you want to know more about how to fix knee pain or any aspect of treatment for knee pain, please give us a call.

Shin Pain Treatment

Shin splints is a term used to describe pain along the shin bone (Tibia). They are a common sporting injury. Symptoms can include: sharp pain, aching and/or slight swelling along the shin. Pain generally worsens with increased duration or intensity of running or jumping activities. Pain generally subsides after exercise ceases.